Dive Boat Tips – 5 Essential Etiquettes

    If the Dive Shop hasn’t already informed you the reporting time, don’t hesitate to ask what time they would suggest you be there. If you require extra time to get fitted for gear, to fill out any extra paperwork or anything else that may take more time than usual, show up early. Otherwise don’t be late as you don’t want to be the reason to change dive sites, everyone on your boat is excited to get into the water.

    Find a suitable spot, and follow the first in last out policy, especially for cramped spaces, if your boat is small, do not take up space in the back of the boat when people are trying to get in, clear the space and move in to make space for others. If available, place your mask, fins, wetsuit and dive bag under your seat or ask the DM or Guide appropriate areas to store your gear. Underwater cameras go in the camera bucket or in a safe accessible area you can keep an eye on it. Ask the DM or guide about dry storage, but it may not always be available.

    Follow your Dive Guide or DM’s lead on the system to follow for getting in and out of the water. Do not gear up before it is required, but do not sit around playing with your camera or talking away to full glory if the Crew or your DM has asked you to gear up. Remember to give the OK sign to the crew once you enter the water.

    The divemaster or boat captain will give a dive briefing before each dive that includes maximum depth and time limits based on the boat’s schedule and upcoming dives. Don’t ignore these limits without discussing it with the divemaster first, even if your air supply and computer say you can. Always run by any doubts with your DM.

    Boat toilets are not the same as that on land. Use it sparingly, and don’t be shy to ask someone on how to flush. Do not throw up in the head, doing so over the rail is completely understandable.

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