Divers Alert Network Asia Pacific (DAN AP) Membership – And why you should get their insurance

DAN Asia-Pacific’s region of responsibility is extensive and includes India, Korea, South East Asia, China and Australia. Worldwide, there are more than 300,000 DAN Members, and DAN has handled in excess of 60,000 emergency calls.

With 30+ years helping divers worldwide, DAN are the experts in diving accident management. Wherever members live or dive around the world they have peace of mind knowing that DAN is available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week to assist in the event of an accident.

DAN’s Mission Statement

“To be the most recognised and trusted organisation worldwide in the fields of diver safety and emergency services, health, research and education of its members, instructors, supporters and the recreational diving community at large.”



  • 24-hours, 7 days a week, medical assistance, in the event of a diving accident or illness worldwide.
  • from almost anywhere in the world to an appropriate medical facility for both diving & non-diving accidents.

  • A range of Travel Assistance benefits, including pre-trip information, return of travel companion, emergency cash advance, and much more. Read TravelAssist Benefits & Conditions Here.
  • Medical advice.

Access to Optional DAN Dive injury (Treatment) Insurance Plans

  • There are several treatment plans for divers to choose from at the time of joining DAN.
  • Flexibility in the choice of plan for each family member. If electing to take out a treatment insurance plan, each family member can select the plan that best matches their individual needs.

Membership Card & Annual Member Benefits

  • You will be sent a DAN AP Membership Card and a weatherproof “First Aid for Decompression Illness” Sticker with the latest Emergency Hotline Numbers.
  • You receive a subscription to DAN AP’s quarterly Alert Diver magazine, the only dedicated diving health and safety magazine in the Asia-Pacific, filled with authoritative and engaging dive safety content in every issue.
  • Thanks to our Media Partnership with ScubaDiver Australasia, DAN AP Members also receive a digital subscription to ScubaDiver AustralasiaMagazine, filled with mind-blowing images, the low-down on the newest dive equipment, the most exciting destinations, stories from the world of science and conservation, and more.
  • You also receive a subscription to the quarterly e-newslettersDeeper with DAN and Safety Stop.
  • You gain access to an ever-expanding range of dive health and safety content including online seminars, reports, findings from research initiatives, articles from past issues of Alert Diver, and book downloads.


In addition to the membership above as outlined above you should opt in for a Treatment Plan from one of the following:


The 80km evacuation restriction is waived in a covered Diving Accident for a Member who has taken out a level of Dive Injury (Treatment) Coverage.

Coverage for Decompression Illness, which includes both Arterial Gas Embolism (AGE) & Decompression Sickness (DCS) PLUS all covered in-water snorkelling & scuba diving injuries sustained on a Covered Dive or Repetitive Dive Series. Up to US$125,000
Lifetime Maximum.
This sum covers hyperbaric & physicians fees and medical supplies used in the treatment
Up to US$250,000
Per Occurrence.
This sum covers hyperbaric & physicians fees and medical supplies used in the treatment
Up to US$250,000
Per Occurrence.
This sum covers hyperbaric & physicians fees and medical supplies used in the treatment
Non-Diving Accident Medical Coverage No Cover No Cover Up to US$10,000
subject to US$250 deductible*
Diving Vacation Cancellation No Cover No Cover Up to US$5,000
subject to US$250 deductible+
Diving Vacation Interruption No Cover No Cover Up to US$2,500
subject to US$250 deductible+
Extra Accommodations No Cover No Cover US$200 per day, up to US$3,000 for a covered condition **
No Cover No Cover Up to
US$2,000 **
Loss of
Diving Equipment
No Cover No Cover Up to
US$2,500 **
Accidental Death & Dismemberment Indemnity benefits resulting from a coveredDiving Accident. Up to US$10,000 Up to US$10,000 Up to US$15,000
Permanent Total Disability Benefit arising from a covered Diving Accident. Up to
Up to
Up to
Maximum diving depth for level of coverage. 50m ANY DEPTH ANY DEPTH
Depth Conditions Certified Divers In the event of a Dive Injury Treatment claim for a depth beyond 50m, a Member will be required to demonstrate that he/she held an appropriate certification and experience for the dive and was using appropriate breathing gas mixes and equipment during the covered diveor Repetitive Dive Series. As for Preferred Plan

Note: The DAN Dive Injury (Treatment) Coverage is optional and is only available to DAN Members either at the time of joining or at the time of renewing membership.

Please note that all words in italics are defined in the policy wording and you should refer to this wording before deciding whether this product is appropriate for your needs.

* This does NOT apply to accidents that occur in the country of residence of the person as registered with DAN Asia-Pacific and must have occurred during a short (maximum 3 months) recreational trip away from this country of residence.

** Only available in the event of a Diving Accident. Refer to Policy.

+ Only available due to Injury or Illness that prevents the Insured from diving.

CLICK HERE to read Frequently Asked Questions for the Preferred Plus Plan.

To read the Policy Document for more information about each plan CLICK HERE

CLICK HERE for exclusions applicable to Pre-existing or Predisposing Conditions.


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